Title Author Level
101 Attacking Ideas in Chess Gallagher, Joe Intermediate – Advanced
Amateur’s Mind, The – Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Master Silman, IM Jeremy Advanced
Beginning Chess Pandolfini, Bruce Beginning
Chess Openings Basman, Michael Intermediate – Advanced
Art of Attack in Chess Vladimir Vukovic Intermediate- Advanced
Chess Puzzle Book Nunn, John Very Advanced
Chess Puzzles for Children Levin, David H. Beginning
Chess Tactics Littlewood, Paul Intermediate
Chess Tactics for Students Bain, John A Intermediate – Advanced
Chess Tactics Workbook, The Woolum, Al Beginning-Intermediate
Chess Teacher, The Phillips, Alan Intermediate
EndGame Play Ward, Chris Intermediate
Improve Your Chess NOW Tisdall, Jonathan Intermediate – Advanced
Learn Chess, A Complete Course(volume 1&2) Alexander, C.H. &Beach, T.J. Beginning-Intermediate
Learn Chess with Gary Kasparov Kasparov, Gary Intermediate-Advanced
Logical Chess: Move By Move Chernev, Irving Intermediate
Middle Game, Book One: Static Features, The Euwe, M. & Kramer, H. Advanced
Middle Game, Book Two: Dynamic & Subjective Features, The Euwe, M. & Kramer, H. Advanced
Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Times, The Emms, John Intermediate – Advanced
My System Nimzowitsch, Aron Advanced
Nunn’s Chess Openings Nunn, John Intermediate – Advanced
Play Winning Chess Seirawan, Intermediate – Advanced
Winning Chess Tactics Seirawan Beginner – Intermediate
Test and Improve Your Chess Alburt, Lev Intermediate – Advanced
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played Irving Chernev Intermediate- Advanced
What’s the Next Move? Kane, George Francis Beginning – Intermediate
Winning Chess Strategies Seirawan, Intermediate – Advanced
Winning Moves Keene, IM Raymond Advanced
Winning Moves 2 Keene, IM Raymond Intermediate – Advanced
Win at Chess! Ronald Curry Intermediate
Your First Chess Games Gilliam, A.J. Beginning – Intermediate
1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations Fred Reinfeld Intermediate- Advanced